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Conversation Channels

Multiple channels

Convenient, efficient, profitable. Respond to omni-channel communications in a single team inbox. Attract more business with the latest live chat technology as well as access to over 3 billion prospects through social media business pages and the latest messaging apps. Place and transcribe calls directly from your inbox and CRM.

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Conversation Center


Use custom bots to save agent time and improve customer experience while generating more leads, increasing sales conversions, and solving support issues over multiple channels. Easily add action templates to schedule demos, take subscriptions, allow visitors to search your knowledgebase, provide product sheets and much more.

Inbox Tools

Intelligent routing

ngagge intelligent routing connects incoming conversations to the agent familiar with that particular customer's needs based on prior communications. Customize routing for new prospect conversations. For example, a conversation originated from your pricing page can be routed to your sales or marketing department for response.

Inbox Tools

Real-Time Monitoring

See incoming conversations your team has accepted, those waiting to be accepted, how long they've been waiting, their identity if customers, and the current activity on your websites or application.