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Use multiple channels to scale faster

Expand your reach to where your customers and over 3 billion prospects are and how they prefer to communicate, with Live Chat, SMS Messaging (add-on), WhatsApp (add-on), Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Video Conferencing, Voice Calling (add-on), and Email.

Meet the "multi-channel" challenge

When growing with multiple channels, your customers will communicate with you over a variety of channels during their journey.

Unless your marketing, sales and support agents can respond to each conversation contextually, with all the information from prior communications at their fingertips, you'll lose customers to your competitors who have this capability.

Meet this challenge with the premium CRM available from ngagge, which provides a comprehensive customer activity timeline, conveniently available to agents from all departments, giving you an "omni-channel" capability and happy customers.

Focus on CX in 2021 and beyond

From the above, you see the benefits multiple channels provide for growing your business, and the potential it creates for generating negative customer experiences (CX).

Given the infinite number of choices available to your customers today, a positive experience is the most important factor in attracting and retaining them for 2021 and beyond.

"Customer experience has quickly moved from competitive differentiator to business imperative" - Forrester