Faster growth at scale

One inbox, multiple channels, secure A|V conferencing, account based personalized marketing throughout the customer lifecycle

Conversation Channels

Communicate beyond your website

Attract more business with the latest live chat technology as well as access over 3 billion prospects through social media business pages. Transcribe calls originated during conversations. Respond to omni-channel communications in a single team inbox.

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Conversation Channels

Communicate where your customers are, the way they prefer

Enable remote and in-house staff to share real-time messages, files, and links to get work done faster and more efficiently with our searchable built-in Slack alternative and A/V conferencing. Encouraging staff engagement, not only increases productivity, but fosters teamwork and promotes loyalty.

Conversation Center

Communicate the way your team prefers

Share information, documents and files across your organization so you can get things done faster and more efficiently with our searchable built in Slack alternative. Encouraging staff engagement, increases motivation, fosters teamwork, and promotes loyalty.

For all businesses and organizations

Use ngagge for e-commerce, tech, and service businesses, as well as charitable, religious and government organizations.