How can you afford to offer
ngagge free

We generate revenue by offering optional personal services such as live chat agents and virtual assistants to our subscribers as well as consulting services for subscribers who lack expertise in house.


Our call center’s live chat agent and virtual assistant divisions have been serving thousands of clients around the globe since 2013, ranging in size from startups and small businesses to enterprise level companies.

What we learned

With all those years of experience dealing with hundreds of industries and thousands of use cases, we've perfected our call center platform to provide our agents with the ultimate in time-saving and productivity features.

During this period, subscribers often suggested tools to make their business more profitable and efficient.

In 2019, we decided to bundle our business conversation platform along with these suggested tools into a single omni-channel, premium, full-featured commercial product, "ngagge".

Our objective with "ngagge" was to substantially increase both our subscribers and our cash flow with minimal marketing outlays. We're achieving this with a two-fold strategy.

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The Result

First, we're substantially increasing our subscriber base at little to no cost by offering our competitors' fee based premium tools as free-forever, including all updates. "Free-forever" means no locks, no upgrades as well as unlimited users, contacts, storage and websites.

Second, we're offering an array of revenue generating, cost-saving optional personal services our subscribers are finding hard to refuse.

We also offer industry low prices for high demand services such as SMS messaging, WhatsApp business API, voice calling and transcription.

We love to innovate and we’re dedicated to creating lasting value through free-forever software. Become one of our community and help us add the free-forever software tools you need to reach your growth and profitability goals.