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  • Feedback to help us improve the application, your store sales, ROI and add new customers.

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Ngagge SMS for e-commerce is the result of our team’s experience over almost a decade providing marketing, sales and support messaging services for companies like Allstate Insurance, representing thousands of use cases and millions of conversations.

Contact sales and set up meeting where we find out your needs and describe the three "Done-For-You" options.

Assuming you select one or more options we set a time for completion or frequency in the case you’re interested in having us create campaigns and automations for you.

You're always just a live chat or text away from help 24/7.

You’ll pay:

  • Set Up: one time $95

  • Campaign / Customer Automation: $55 for one single send campaign with one segmentation or one custom automation with one segmentation. Contact us for drip campaigns.

  • SMS Optimization Briefs: $75 per month (cancel at any time)

Choose any one, several or all three. If you choose not to use these options, we still provide unlimited onboarding and strategy sessions in addition to having live chat or text help available 24/7.

Once you select your preferred option or options, we’ll send you a payment link and you’re on your way to building your customer list and increasing sales with the only channel with 98% open rates and 45% response rates.

We're offering an exclusive opportunity to participate in the introduction of our state-of-the-art, full-featured, app Ngagge SMS for e-commerce.

All we ask In return is your feedback to help us improve the application and provide you with the all features your brand needs to grow faster using SMS and MMS.

How to participate. To participate enter your e-commerce store link and click "Get started" or "Chat with us" to learn more about the offer.

SMS stategy meeting and getting started. On sign up you'll schedule a meeting, at your option, with one of our SMS strategists to learn more about your business, develop an SMS strategy, and help you get started recovering lost cart sales and building your customer list.

Addition help. Schedule subsequent meeting at any time with your strategist if you have questions or contact our us 24/7 for live help.

Free SMS. Any unused free SMS can be carried over to your pay-as-you-go plan once your trial period ends

Cancel at any time you're not completely satisfied. No credit card required.

If you’re happy with the application at the end of the 30 days free trial period, you simply subscribe to one of our pay-as-you-go plans. Any unused free SMS are carried over to your plan. You will not pay for messages until your free message have been used.

Yes. Cancel you introductory offer any time you're not completely satisfied. No credit card is required.