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  • Done-for-you ( contact sales )

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  • Video tutorzials, articles

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  • Dashboard

  • Advanced analytics | reports

  • Unlimited customers

  • Basic subscriber acquisition tools

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Campaign builder | templates

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  • Team inbox | two-way messaging

  • International messaging

  • Mobile app

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Brands looking to accelerate SMS acquistion, sales, and support

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  • API acess for custom integrations

Messaging by country



No credit card is required, just click the "Start free trial" button, and select a toll-free number for which there's no charge. You'll have 5,000 free SMS or 1,666 free MMS messages to use over the next 30 days to explore all the benefits our application offers.

At the end of the 30 days for the Free plan, add you credit card and only pay for the messages you use at the end of each month at the rate of $.0145 per SMS message and $.0435 per MMS message. All carrier fees are included.

Two-way messaging is critical for providing all-important customer support that differentiates your store from your competitor's. While some providers charge for incoming messages, Ngagge SMS does not.

In addition, Ngagge does not charged for messages that are not delivered (failed messages).

Pricing for consumer-facing SMS messaging platforms is often complex, involving fixed monthly fees in addition to messaging charges which may or may not include additional monthly carrier fees. These fixed monthly fees increase depending on features included in the specified plan.

Ngagge SMS pricing is simple, and completely transparent. We charge an industry-low price only for the SMS and MMS messages you use each month with no additional monthly fixed fee for our FREE plan. All carrier charges are included in our per message price.

We believe we have the most favorable pricing in the industry with the most advanced automated features including support bots. We offer discounts based on volume and annual commitments. Please contact sales via live chat below to learn more about these options.

Two-way messaging is only available from phones registered in the US, Canada, UK and Brazil via to recipients in those countries. For example two-way messaging is possible between a phone registered in the US to a recipient in the US but not to a recipient in Canada or any other country.

Two-way messages between your store in the US and recipients in US costs $.0145 per message.

Two-way messages between your store in Canada and recipients in Canada costs $.025 per message.

Two-way messages between a store in the UK and recipients in the UK costs $.05 per message.

Two-way messages between a store in Brazil and recipients in Brazil costs $.08 per message.

Only one-way messaging from the above countries is available to recipients in countries other than their own at a price displayed in "Message Pricing by Country" on our website.

Yes. If you're like we are at NGAGGE, no matter how easy a new software is to get started with or use, questions always popup, especially with respect to your particluar use case, that you'd like personal help answering.

We know from experience how successful this software is in increasing store sales while reducing cost and saving management time so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

We built Ngagge SMS with both your personal and store goals in mind. With Ngagge, let us help you get started and create a automation strategy so you can start spending more time at the gym, with your family or developing new ideas while watching revenue go up, costs go down and more customers smile.

We also provide a discount for volume and annual commitments. Please contact sales us via live chat below or text us to learn more about these options.

MMS messages are only available for messages sent and received in U.S. at this time. Each MMS message counts as 3 SMS messages.

An MMS message allows you to attach image, audio, video and text files files and extends the available characters to 1600. Besides making your text message interactive, MMS has a proven track record of increased engagement.

This is done automatically when you register so you should see you store customer list in Ngagge under the "Customers" menu tab.

Remember you must have opt-in permission from a customer before you're able to send that customer an SMS message. This is required by law and is strictly enforced by Ngagge and the Government.

If you've selected SMS in your store setting for checkout, customers purchasing after you've made this selection will have "opted-in" to receive SMS messages.

Also if you've used an SMS provider previously and have customers who have opted-in with your previous provider you can import those customers into Ngagge and send them SMS messages.

Don't worry though, for your customers who have not opted-in to receive SMS messages, we provide you with an opt-in email template to send them which will satisfy this legal compliance issue.

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Yes, you can respond to SMS message from your customers on both IOS and Android devices. You can download them on your mobile devices at the Apple or Google Play Stores.

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